Under Armour Documentary Examines The Margin of Victory

Film for high-tech fabric stars Stephen Curry, Anthony Joshua and Kelley O’Hara

Under Armour is creating a documentary that explores The Margin of Victory, training to win through the eyes of accomplished athletes. The film, promoting the athletic company’s UA Rush performance gear, features NBA MVP Stephen Curry, World Cup star Kelley O’Hara, and heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

The film, The Margin of Victory, examines how the athletes constantly chase incremental gains to beat the competition. A two-and-a-half-minute trailer was released this month, with the full 10-minute film set to be released in May. It was created by Droga5, directed by sports documentarian Gotham Chopra and produced by Religion of Sports.

“At Under Armour, our relentless pursuit of developing innovative products is aimed not just at elite athletes, but toward all people striving to meet their fitness and life goals,” says Attica Jaques, SVP global brand management of Under Armour. “By creating this documentary, we’re opening a window into the world of three iconic global athletes, making their journey accessible. We are showcasing the 24/7 nature of the quest for greatness, to inspire people to pursue even the most marginal personal gains in an effort to achieve their own monumental results.”

Following the athletes as they train, the film explores how elite athletes strive to find a physical, physiological and technological edge over their competitors, while also detailing the performance-enhancing benefits of Rush. The company claims the fabric, made with mineral-infused textiles, can “recycle” energy and promote increased endurance and strength.

The film is part of a larger The Margin of Victory campaign from Droga5 launched earlier this month.