K-Y docuseries urges women to talk about sex

K-Y lubricant brand is encouraging women to take command of their sex lives in a new documentary video series called The Pleasure is Mine.

The three-episode series, which debuts next month, addresses the taboos around women and sexual pleasure with candid interviews with a diverse group of women discussing sex, their bodies, and their sexual pleasure.

Guided by a sex therapist, the women talk about everything from how they first learned about sex and sexually transmitted diseases to their insecurities and their inabilities to ask for what they want in the bedroom. Their own sexual pleasure, they admit, often takes a backseat to their partners’.

The series, created by Havas, encourages women to be more assertive in the bedroom and features the message “Get What You Want,” a tagline K-Y introduced in its advertising last year.

The project is the first to come out of Girl Culture Films, a new production company dedicated to female directorial talent founded by Lauren Greenfield, who directed the award-winning Always campaign Like A Girl. Greenfield served as creative director on the series, and Amy Berg (West of Memphis, Deliver Us from Evil) directed.

Greenfield told CNN Business there has been a “sea change with people’s willingness to talk about non-consensual sex,” but talking about consensual sexstill remains taboo.

“For us, it was really exciting because we just wanted to have real women have authentic conversations about sex,” Greenfield said. “[It is] another way to look at women’s voices and women expressing their voices and, in a way, the kind of empowerment through that discussion.”