In the News – Jake Scott Directs Vue Cinema’s First Ever Brand Film

‘Get Lost’ with John Boyega

Source: RSA Films

Jake Scott and agency Joint London’s new film, ‘Get Lost’ highlights the Vue Cinema chain’s point of view about the value of taking a break from life’s distractions and getting lost in great stories.

New research commissioned by Vue and University College London, shows that a trip to the cinema can be more than just an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, it can actually be good for us too. The study shows that the cinema experience has profound cognitive, emotional and psychological benefits. It can boost memory, productivity and focus, help to alleviate depression and loneliness and even help keep your heart healthy by raising the heart rate to a level similar to doing a light form of cardio exercise.

Voiced by John Boyega and featuring a very special cameo, the two-and-a-half-minute film, shot over six days in South Africa and London, positions​ Vue as the only place you can properly get lost in great stories. And as a treat for cinema lovers ‘Get Lost’ has been loaded with hidden film references.

“It’s never been more important to find time to switch off from the incessant distractions of the modern world – and to get lost in a great story. I really believe in the power of cinema and the collective experience and so do Vue. They offer a sanctuary from the modern world: a place to enjoy great stories told by brilliant filmmakers.”  Jake Scott

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