Frequently Asked Questions.

What if my submission has confidential information?

There is a section on the entry form that is dedicated to any confidential information. This information will only be seen by our jurors who sign a confidentiality agreement and will not be published.


What is the eligibility period for the film or series?

To be eligible, the film or series must have been aired between January 22, 2020 and March 4, 2021.


What is the cost to enter the Brand Film Awards?

The fee for entering is $465 per entry. The fee is the same if you’re entering a single film or a series.


We encourage you to submit your film or series into additional categories for a reduced cost of $325 per entry. For example, if you submit any one film into three categories, the fee would be: $465 + $325 + $325 = $1,115.


What is the deadline to submit?

The entry deadline is Thursday, February 18. Late entries will be received until Thursday, March 4. However, entries received after Thursday, February 18, will incur a late fee of $125 per entry.


Can I submit a film into more than one category?

We encourage you to enter your film or series into more than one category. If you are submitting a film or series into multiple categories, please upload the film/s separately each time.