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Joaquin Phoenix heads to the E.R. in eco short film

By Matthew Honovic

‘Guardians of Life’ from Extinction Rebellion with Amazon Watch sounds the alarm around global wildfires and deforestation.

Brand Film Live! Scene 3: Marketing in an Evolved Ecosystem

Erin Heyns, Head of Observatory NY and 2020 Brand Film Awards juror, emphasizes that brand marketers need to continue to evolve with their audience in an ecosystem packed with content.
Hosted by Alexis Wierenga

Brand Film Live! Scene 2: The Craft

Greg Beauchamp, founder of Bindery, shares stories from his work in crafting branded content.
Hosted by Alexis Wierenga.

Brand Film Live! Scene 1: The Creators

Our inaugural Brand Film Live! podcast, featurning Lindsay Stein, Editor at Campaign US, and Steve Barrett, Editorial Director at PRWeek.
Hosted by Alexis Wierenga.

Porsche unveils its first Superbowl ad in 23 years — and it’s a crime

By Michael Heusner

The luxury car brand pits its first fully electric car against a roster of its most classic vehicles.

Brand film was the greatest investment BMW ever made

By Steve Barrett

The fifth iteration of the Brand Film Awards will take the temperature of a craft that has matured exponentially in the half decade since they were launched.

Short Films Lead the Way for Diversity at the Oscars

By Matthew Honovic

LA-based MAJORITY directors receive two Oscar nominations

4 Brand Films For Your 4-Day Thanksgiving Weekend

By Matthew Honovic

Battle through your food coma and stay in the holiday spirit with films about giving thanks, the meaning family, holiday travel and, of course, football.

In the News (NYT) – The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads

As advertisers bombard consumers across platforms like Facebook, television and billboards, consumers are trying, and even paying, to get away.

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