4 Brand Films For Your 4-Day Thanksgiving Weekend

By Matthew Honovic

Battle through your food coma and stay in the holiday spirit with films about giving thanks, the meaning family, holiday travel and, of course, football.

Ally – Happy Banksgiving
If only everyone gave thanks like Ally Bank. One of Brand Film Festival 2019’s most beloved entries was one from Ally depicting what they dubbed as “Banksgiving,” for which they gave thanks to customers by surprising unsuspecting clients with some cash for whatever they desired – from camping gear, to airfare for visiting family, to helping with their customers’ own charitable initiatives during the holidays.

TYLENOL – #HowWeFamily

In 2015, TYLENOL set out to showcase “what matters most” and that family isn’t defined by who you love, but how. Their 11-film docuseries celebrated the commonalities and values which unite us as a way to show #HowWeFamily in America Today. This film features actor Denis O’Hare (True BloodAmerican Horror Story) introducing the Redwood O’Hares family of overcoming pre-defined notions of what a family should and should not be.

You can view other Tylenol films here.

US Nike Football – Football is Houston: Yates and Wheatley
You may recall this year’s Super Bowl commercials including a gala for NFL’s 100th season, featuring its all-time greatest scrambling for a fumble while overturning tables and crashing through champagne and cake. The ad is from Peter Berg, whose production company Film 44 has recently added a commercial division Film 47. We’ll definitely be seeing more branded work from Berg and his team but football is not a new theme to branded sports films.

This 2017 football film from US Nike Football featuring Yates and Wheatley High School footballers playing for the pride of their home: Houston. Following Hurricane Harvey, Nike set out to show how football has played an integral part of the city’s recovery and banding together to take on anything.
among them featuring Antonio Brown in the kitchen and inspiring kids to plan and fight off doubts by discussing his own retirement plans.

More from director Tevin J. Tavares and US Nike Football.

H&M – Come Together
And because no Thanksgiving series would be complete without a glimpse of Santa Claus or a preview of Christmas, here’s a favorite of ours from Wes Anderson starring Adrien Brody done for H&M’s holiday line.